[tex-eplain] Eplain article for TUGboat

Oleg Katsitadze olegkat at gmail.com
Wed Dec 21 16:05:46 CET 2005

Dear Eplain users,

Karl and I have tried to put together an article on Eplain
for the upcoming issue of TUGboat.  We thought it would be
great if you could take a look at it before it goes to
print, so I put the draft for public download under




We would appreciate any comments -- typos, omissions,
unclear sentences, anything.  (There are still several
problems -- the page breaks are not perfect, and the example
of Eplain source file is set in tiny type as a temporary
measure to fit it in a column, but we're still working on

On a related front, there are several updates on Eplain home

- Eplain now has its own logo and a mascot!  It was made by
  Duane Bibby, working with Karl Berry and Steve Peter.

- Several Eplain desktop wallpapers created by Steve Peter
  are available for download.

- We've started a demo subproject where we hope to collect
  "real-life" demo files (as opposed to test files)
  illustrating various aspects of Eplain.  It now contains
  only one demo on hyperlinks (this is an extended version
  of the example from the article).  Before the next release
  comes out, you can see / download the demo(s) online.

For more details, please visit Eplain home page at



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