[tex-eplain] Hyperlinks HowTo?

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Fri Aug 5 09:12:25 CEST 2005

On Thu, Aug 04, 2005 at 08:33:38PM -0500, Bob Kerstetter wrote:
> How do you add the patches with all the hyperlink capabilities? In  
> other words, what do I do with all of the patches?

Under Unix, you can use the patch utility.  There should be
some way to do this under Windows / Mac, but I've never done

So, you download eplain2.8.4, unpack it.  Suppose you have
this in the current directory:

  $ ls
  eplain2.8.4  patch  patch3-cite  patch4-btxmac  patch5-foot  patch6  patch7-idx

where the files `patch*' are the patches I sent in July /
August on this list.  Note that `patch1-pdftex' and
`patch2-pdftex' are not used, they are junk.

Now, run the following commands in succession:

  $ patch -p0 < patch
  $ patch -p0 < patch3-cite
  $ patch -p0 < patch4-btxmac
  $ patch -p0 < patch5-foot
  $ patch -p0 < patch6
  $ patch -p0 < patch7-idx

If everything goes right, each command will output a line
like this:

  patching file eplain2.8.4/xeplain.tex


  patching file eplain2.8.4/btxmac.tex

After that, the directory `eplain2.8.4' will contain the
files patched as per the current state of development.  You
can change to `eplain2.8.4' and run make:

  $ cd eplain2.8.4
  $ chmod a+x merge
  $ make

(The second line is needed because shell script `merge' is
not executable in the distribution.)

This will produce `eplain.tex', which you can either copy to
the directory with your document and use it like this:

  \input ./eplain

or copy it over your system file `eplain.tex' (make a backup
first) and then you can use it as usual:

  \input eplain

Please note that these patches are not yet final and that in
the final release, many things can change.  For example,
names of some macros will change for sure, maybe arguments
of some macros will change too.  And of course, more feature
will be added (colors and PDF bookmarks at least).

Best regards,
Oleg Katsitadze

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