[tex-eplain] Package for slides?

Mick McQuaid mcquaid at cs.cmu.edu
Mon Jun 21 17:55:29 CEST 2004

>     More generally, is there a package based on Eplain (+AMSTeX)
>     to produce .tex (or .dvi) files suitable for slides, like the
>     LaTeX package Seminar?

This is hardly a package at the level of Seminar, but the
way I used to make slides for teaching (dependent on eplain)
was to slowly develop the attached two files.  It was also a
way of learning about TeX.  I would include the file
overhead.tex to produce slides, and the file overnote.tex to
produce notes for students to use from the same file.

After every slide-worth of material, I would put the
directive \endoverhead.  This way, the page numbers for the
slides version would correspond to the marginal numbers of
the notes version, allowing the students to follow along on
their notes, without wasting the amount of paper that would
result from putting Powerlesspoint slides on the server.  So
the beginning of the file would look like this:

    \input eplain
    \input overhead
    % \input overnote
    \subject={Schiller 101}

and a typical slide would look like this (if only!):

    \title{Beauty and Ugliness}
    \point Example of Beauty
    $$ e^{i\pi}+1=0$$
    \point Examples of Ugliness
    \subpoint Proprietary Formats
    \subpoint SCO Lawsuits

I did it this way ten years ago, and I'm sure I would do it
differently now, but I think it's nice to develop it
yourself, and learn something about TeX along the way.

Mick McQuaid, mcquaid at cs.cmu.edu
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Carnegie Mellon University
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