[tex-eplain] Text Overlay on Graphics

Stepan Kasal kasal at ucw.cz
Tue Jul 13 12:13:42 CEST 2004


On Mon, Jul 12, 2004 at 11:30:11PM -0400, Jelena i Zoran wrote:
> Does anyone know how to overlay text on eps images in plain TeX?
> I tried writing text in boxes and then appropriately positioning boxes 
> but somehow the boxes

I've also tried some quick experiments and was able to put text both
over and under eps file.

My test file is below. I used file ridt91.eps which came with
ghostscript.  (Try "locate ridt".)
In the first paragraph, the picture covers the word, while in the second
example the word is visible.  It depends on which one was typeset later.
For me, it works with xdvi, as well as with dvips (version dvips(k) 5.92b)
and ghostview.
Does my example work for you?

Hope this helps,
	Stepan Kasal

\input epsf

\font \b = cmr10 at 30pt



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