[tex-eplain] Question about bibliographic citations

Niels CCM Moes C.C.M.Moes at IO.TUDelft.nl
Wed Sep 24 14:43:22 CEST 2003

Dear eplain users

I hope that one of you can help me with the following problem, which is 
a little off-topic, but I feel more or less desperate that I can not 
find a solution.

If I write \cite{Moes:2003} in my source file, and it agrees with the 
.bib file, then it will come out somehow like (Moes,2003).
I use currently the apalike style (which works with eplain).

However, in the text I have to refer differently:

- Research has shown that clouds can have many colours (Moes,2003).
- Moes (2003) has shown that clouds can have many colours.
- In 2003 Moes showed that ...

I have tried using the namedplus.bst and the namedplus.st->namedplus.tex
but this did not work.
I also tried other styles, but everythings seems to work exclusively 
with latex and not with eplain.

I think that I have to redefine \citation, and define additional 
commands like \citeauthoryear, \citeyearauthor, etc.
Who has some experience, or perhaps even a solution for me?


Niels C.C.M. Moes

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Faculty of Design, Engineering and Production
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