[tex-eplain] tentative eplain version 2.8.1a

Dorai Sitaram dorai at ccs.neu.edu
Tue Jul 15 23:40:03 CEST 2003

I've packaged eplain-2.8.1a which includes Oleg's patch
(\setpropertyglobal) and some changes to the part of
the document that deals with indexes.  (In addition to
mentioning how to make subsub...entries, I corrected
the spelling of some of the indexing commands to
match what was actually defined in eplain.tex.  E.g.,
\idxrangebeginword, \idxseecmdword.)

>     BTW, I wonder why eplain needed to have special
>     syntax for the first subentry.  The ! mechanism is
>     fully general...
> As I recall, my thought was to avoid hardwiring the ! character, in case
> some document wanted to use something else.  My feeling was the number
> of indexes with subsubentries is miniscule (and seems like the index
> must be very complex indeed to warrant using it).
One would think so, but when I turned to the index in
the public-library (i.e., rather mainstream) book I
am currently reading, Oliver Sacks's _The Island of the
Colorblind_, what do I see at the very top but

  acquired (cerebral), 5-6
  and color
    cerebral evocation of, 225-6
    curiosity about, 19-20, 22, 218


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