[tex-eplain] Re: [texhax] Subsubentries with eplain and makeindex

Dorai Sitaram dorai at ccs.neu.edu
Tue Jul 15 11:28:18 CEST 2003

> (By the way, it's probably best to send eplain-specific questions to
> tex-eplain at tug.org, since more eplain folks are on that list than texhax.)
>     Isn't it possible to have subsubentries
>     with eplain and makeindex?
> Not directly.
>     If yes, what's the command?
>     (I use \sidx{entry}[subentry] for subentries.)
> I haven't tried it, but it seems like
> \sidx{entry}[subentry!subsubentry]
> should work.  Something that should be added to the manual.  Dorai :)?
> Thanks for the report,
> karl

Noted.  BTW, I wonder why eplain needed to have special
syntax for the first subentry.  The ! mechanism is
fully general...


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