[tex-eplain] losing first centered line on page

Jim Crigler criglerj@earthlink.net
Wed, 24 Jul 2002 21:44:43 -0400

I am formatting some one-page articles, each with a title line.  On the first page (only), I am losing the "title" line.  Below are the lines from the master file that lay out the page, set the font, etc.  Each article starts with lines like these (though not indented):

    \Title{The Vision}


    This is the text.


This is the master file:

    \input eplain   

    \font\normal = ptmr7t at 10bp
    \font\title = ptmb7t at 17.28bp
    \font\bf = ptmb7t at 10bp
    \font\it = ptmri7t at 10bp
    \font\smallsf = phvr7t at 8bp
    \font\smallsfit = phvro7t at 8bp
    \baselineskip = 12bp
    \setbox\strutbox=\hbox{\vrule height8.5bp depth3.5bp width0bp}

	\centerline{\title #1}}
    \def\Sign#1{\endgraf\vskip0pt plus1\baselineskip\rightline{\strut\it #1}}


    \parindent = 1em

    \input 01-TheVision.tex

    % ... more \input lines


What's the obvious thing I have overlooked?

Jim Crigler
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