[tex-eplain] Misc questions (probably FAQs)

karl@gnu.org karl@gnu.org
Thu, 5 Jul 2001 08:42:47 -0400

    some of the EPS files I've generated lately have been ridiculously

You can always compress them. Although I guess that doesn't help with
printer download time.

Anyway, there's no special support in eplain for pdf.  pdf didn't 
exist when I originally wrote it :).

    > >         * Use of natbib with eplain

btxmac.tex (in fact btxmac was originally part of eplain :).  
I don't know about natbib in particular, but eplain does work with
The interface is the same as LaTeX's, but simpler and more general :).

    generate documents for both paper and the web from common input files.

Texinfo?  Although if you're doing serious math, Texinfo probably won't
work well enough.