[tex-eplain] Misc questions (probably FAQs)

Andrew Gray a.j.gray@durham.ac.uk
Wed, 04 Jul 2001 09:31:08 +0100

04/07/01 00:43:18, dmmcf@UIUC.EDU (D. Michael McFarland) wrote:

>        * The status of amstex
sorry, don't use

>        * Inclusion of PDF graphics (I gather epsf.tex is the best way
>          to include EPS)
Doesn't pdftex include new primitives for graphics inclusion, including 
incorporation of PDF files?  (Sorry, I only rarely use pdftex and have to look up 
the manuals each time, but it seems to work OK with my eplain files.)

>        * Use of natbib with eplain
don't use

>        * Table macros and rules
There's no built-in support in eplain (apart from reformatting lists into multiple 
columns to save space, using \makecolumns).  But you can use other macro 
packages without problems - I have used tap.tex for tables.

>        * Use of non-CMR PS fonts (e.g., the equivalent of pslatex)
eplain has no fonts support.  This is (I think) a good thing, as it leaves you free to 
provide support for different fonts using whatever package you want.  You can 
use the same TFM (and VF etc) files for PS fonts as in pslatex.  I use the 
package pdcfsel, which is a general macro package for providing a range of fonts.  
(It's in macros/plain/contrib/pdcmac/ on CTAN sites.)

>        * Hyperlinks in PDF output (from pdftex)
as above, pdftex processes my eplain files without problems, but I rarely use it 
and so have not used most of the new primitives supplied by pdftex.

>        * "Subequation" numbering (e.g., (1), (2a), (2b), (3))
sorry, never needed this

>        * Emacs modes friendly to eplain
use vi/vim!

Regards - Andrew