[tex-eplain] modifying index entries

John Culleton culleton@md.prestige.net
Tue, 27 Feb 2001 13:52:26 -0500

On Tue, 27 Feb 2001, Guy Worthington wrote:
> The page number for the index entry is swallowed when using the index
> modifier [seealso].  Can I display the number?
> ------------------------------------------------------------
> \input eplain
> \hsize=30pc  \vsize=50pc \parindent=3pc
> \font\KeyFont=cmsltt10
> \def\Key#1{{\KeyFont#1}}
> \sidx[seealso]{method}[only one copy]{\Key{this}}
> Instance methods are specific to objects of a class, there is only one
> ever copy of an instance method in memory, as it would be extremely
> expensive to replicate all the instance methods for each object.  This
> raises the question as to how this is consistent with instance methods
> being specific to each object.
> \vfill\eject
> \readindexfile{i}
> \bye

I suspect the modifier \key is mucking things up somehow.  Eplain
provides special mechanisms for inserting font changes etc., which
indicates to me that the insertion of tex code directly into an index
term  doesn't play nicely.

I don't think you can mix \sidxmarked and [seealso]. I know you 
can't mix [seealso] with [pagemarkup]. So you
will need to something creative on the output side, such as hand
editing the foo.ind file or modifiying the \item and \subitem macros.

 HTH :-|

John Culleton