[tex-eplain] Indexing limitations

john@wexfordpress.net john@wexfordpress.net
4 Feb 2001 20:03:58 -0800

I have learned the following about eplain's indexing feature.
1. It is not possible to have a subitem if you use an \idx (non-silent) statement.

2. It is not possible to use both the marked form and an alternate sort word. \sidx{foo@bar} will work;  \sidxmarked\cs{foo@bar} won't work.

3. In order to actually view proofing terms one must adjust the \leftmargin and \rightmargin statements BEFORE the \input eplain statement.

4. Three level indexing is possible if one uses the ! marker to set off the third term (courtesy Jud Herrman.)

5. If every term has the same font change it is simpler to plug new code into the eplain definitiions for \item and \subitem instead of using the \sidxmarked form.  This also overcomes the limitation imposed in item 2. above.

When time permits I'll have a go at rewriting Section 4.11 of the documentation to include these little nuggets. It might save the  next user some time.

thanks to Dorai and Jud for responding.

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