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3 Feb 2001 13:25:45 -0800

On Sat, 03 February 2001, Jud Herrman wrote:

> >>>>> On 3 Feb 2001 07:43:42 -0800, john@wexfordpress.net said:
>     jw> For my next trick I hope to explore the question I have raised
>     jw> twice previously, the triple level index. 
> \sidx{Hypereides}[{6} (Epitaphios)!25]
> Produces the following index entry:
> ``Hypereides
>     6 (Epitaphios)
>       25: page X''
> In other words, makeindex recognizes the exclamation mark as
> introducing another sublevel. 
> Hope hat helps.
> Jud Herrman

It certainly does! I am printing out your reply as we speak, to go in my manual. 

Now I have another one. In theory I can just stick an @ in the string and have the system sort on one string but print another. That doesn't work in my case however.

I use a string like:

\sidxmarked\sur{YEARY@LITTON -  YEARY  CEM.} 

and what I get in the foo.idx file is a bit redundant and won't work as is. Specifically:

\indexentry{YEARY@LITTON - YEARY CEM.@\sur {YEARY@LITTON - YEARY CEM.}}{981}

(this is all one line of course.)

Now I can edit this down manally to :

\indexentry{YEARY@\sur {LITTON - YEARY CEM.}}{981}

which works, but given hundreds of such entries I find this a bit tedious and impacts my schedule seriously.

For the curious my \sur command is simply


So, how does one indicate a different sort key in the \sidxmarked command? 

In parallel to the earlier case, eplain can handle the makeindex output correctly. It is on the input preparation for makeindex side that things fall apart. 

All comments appreciated. 

John Culleton

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