[tex-eplain] Index proofing

john@wexfordpress.net john@wexfordpress.net
3 Feb 2001 07:43:42 -0800

The eplain package provides for proofing indications in the right margin for index terms appearing on a page. The documentation is not 100% on how to do this but I found that if I added this statement then proofing was turned on:

Turned on, but unfortunately not visible. The default kerning for the index proofing terms is 1 inch from the right margin, adjusted for hoffset (don't know why, since it seems to me that hoffset has already moved the margins right or left.) Anyhow the default setting pushes the proofing notes right off the page. So I found it necessary to add these definitions BEFORE \input eplain:

This moves the proofmarks back onto the standard (U.S.) 8 1/2 in wide paper. 

Perhaps the appropriate eplain macro should be changed to define this kerning dimension similarly,  replacing the default 1 true in with .1 true in. I will leave it to wiser heads to make that decision. (Possibly I am the only one who uses the proofing feature. Possibly others have tried it, failed to see any output, and assumed it was inoperable. Any thoughts, anyone?)

For my next trick I hope to explore the question I have raised twice previously, the triple level index. Some of the code is there but some is not.  The level of sophistication of the macros involved is well beyond my reach, but perhaps I can poke, prod and experiment a bit.  

Happy eplaining!

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