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Zachary Hoffman zachary.r.hoffman at lawrence.edu
Sat Feb 28 05:50:12 CET 2009

Dear TeX Users Group,
     Hey, I'm an undergraduate working towards mathematics/piano performance
double degrees and I'm interested in developing for TUG in Google's SOC
2009.  I have an idea that you could add to your list of potential
proposals, though I plan to use it when applying this March.
     In the past, Texas Instruments has released four very heavily used
graphing calculator models: the TI-83
the TI-84 Plus, and silver editions of both, all of which use the Z80
processor to run slight variations of the same operating system.  Because of
its large user base (millions), the 83+ has been a desirable platform for
all kinds of applications, especially math-related ones.
     While PDF files outputted by some implementations of TeX allow many
people to witness its beauty, this filetype goes completely unsupported on
graphing calculators.  If given the opportunity, I would write an
application to render source manuscripts on the TI-83+ and similar
calculators.  I have yet to work out all of the specifics, but I have
determined that the project is very feasible despite time and hardware
constraints.  I'd love to discuss this more between now and March 17 and I
look forward to seeing TUG on the list of mentoring organizations this

Best wishes,

                  Zachary Hoffman
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