[tug-summer-of-code] Simplifying TeX's \tracingall output

Jonathan Fine jfine at pytex.org
Wed Feb 18 23:31:37 CET 2009

Hello Martin

You wrote:
> texdoc trace
> Reading the appendix of the LaTeX companion 2e also helps. :-)
> I welcome the idea, but suggest to also consider engine enhancements
> for better tracing.

Thank you for the package reference.

I know that eTeX has some additional tracing features.  As I recall, the 
one time I tried using them they turned out not to be helpful.  But they 
might help sometimes.

I think it would be quite appropriate for the project to make 
suggestions for engine enhancements, but I'd like the focus on making 
better use of the information that already exists.

It might be worth making this question part of a feasibility study - 
does TeX's tracing provide enough information to make this a worthwhile 
project, or do we need an extension.

I'd quite like to know if anyone here is interested in (co)-mentoring a 
project on line such as this.  Interest from LaTeX3 team members 
especially welcome.


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