[pstricks] Bug in pstricks with \psframebox* ?

François Pantigny fpantigny at wanadoo.fr
Sat Mar 2 21:26:01 CET 2019

I think there is a bug in pstricks.tex (2019-02-23) concerning \psframebox*
(but also \pscirclebox*, etc.).

Consider the following code:

Some text: \rlap{\color{gray}\vrule height 1cm depth 1cm width 5 cm}
\psframebox*{text 1}
\rnode{node}{text 2}

A white frame is drawn under the "text 2" and it should not.

The definition of \psframebox is:

\def\psframebox{\def\pst at par{}\pst at object{psframebox}}
\def\psframebox at i{\pst at makebox\psframebox at ii}
\def\psframebox at ii{%
 \pst at useboxpar
 \pst at dima=\pslinewidth      etc.

Maybe the \begingroup of the beginning of \psframebox at ii should be in the
beginning of \psframebox instead.

Morever, I think that the \def\pst at par{} at the beginning of \psframebox is
useless since there is the same instruction at the beginning of \pst at object.

F. Pantigny

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