[pstricks] Bug in pstricks.tex ?

François Pantigny fpantigny at wanadoo.fr
Thu Feb 28 15:04:05 CET 2019

In pstricks.tex (version of 2019-01-22), at the line 75, we read:

 \input pgfutil-common.tex
 \input pgfkeys.code.tex
 \input pgffor.code.tex

The test \ifx\pgfkeysloaded\endinput seems strange to me. If Pstricks is
loaded after Tikz, the file pgfutil-common.tex may be loaded twice. This may
lead to incoherences: for example, the definition of \pgfutil at raggedright
found in pgfutil-common.tex would erase the definition of
\pgfutil at raggedright done in pgfutil-latex.def (it's not the same) when Tikz
was loaded.

Shouldn't be \relax instead of \endinput?

F. Pantigny

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