[pstricks] pst-solides3d

Herbert Voss Herbert.Voss at fu-berlin.de
Sat Jan 5 20:40:56 CET 2019

Am 04.01.19 um 23:41 schrieb Poul Riis:
> I'm now pretty close to what I want except that the circle should be a 
> hole (circle filled with background color). Is it possible to do that?
> By the way, I wonder who the circle is drawn with the fillcolor, not the 
> linecolor.

The 3D-curve cannot be filled. Use the projection. It is a
bit dabgerous to mix 3d stuff from pst-solides3d and 2d stuff
from PSTricks. Draw first all 3d stuff then \compüoseSolid and
then all the  \uput et al.

And by the way: why do you send all mails twice?


	\pstVerb{/aa 12 def /bb 8 def /cc 4 def /philid 30 def /radius 3 def 
/cosphi philid
		cos def /sinphi philid
		sin def /Mlidx cosphi 1 sub aa mul 2 div def /Mlidy 0 def /Mlidz 
sinphi aa mul 2
		div cc add def /nlidx
		sinphi neg def /nlidz cosphi def /Ax Mlidx def /Ay
		radius def /Az Mlidz def
		/Bx Mlidx radius cosphi mul add def /By 0 def /Bz Mlidz radius sinphi
		mul add def /Cx Mlidx
		def /Cy radius neg def /Cz Mlidz def /ex Ax Mlidx sub def /ey Ay Mlidy 
sub def /ez Az Mlidz
		sub def /fx Bx Mlidx sub def /fy By Mlidy sub def /fz Bz Mlidz sub def}
	\psset{viewpoint=100 30 20,Decran=200}
	incolor=yellow](0,0,cc 2 div)
	args={ Mlidx 0 Mlidz [sinphi 0 cosphi neg]},
	base=aa neg 2 div aa 2 div bb neg 2 div bb 2 div,
	\psPoint(aa 0.6 mul,0,0){Tx}
	\psPoint(0,bb 0.55 mul,0){Ty}
	\psPoint(aa 2 div,bb 0.55 mul neg,cc 2 div){Tz}
	%\psPoint(Ax Cx add 2 div,Ay Cy add 2 div,Az Cz add 2 div){MAC}
%	\defFunction{lidcircle}(t){t cos ex mul t sin fx mul add Mlidx add}{t 
cos ey mul t sin fy mul
%	add Mlidy add}{t cos ez mul t sin fz mul add Mlidz add}
        range=0 TwoPi,resolution=720,function=Circle]


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