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Herbert Voss Herbert.Voss at fu-berlin.de
Mon Dec 31 09:20:15 CET 2018

Am 30.12.18 um 22:49 schrieb Poul Riis:
> I want to make a circular hole in the lid of an open box.
> I tried to use definition=ABcercle but I cannot find the exact syntax 
> (see red lines in example below). I'm not sure that the coordinates of 
> the three points are correct but that's a problem to be fixed later on.
> How can I make it work?

It needs three projected points:


\pstVerb{/aa 6 def /bb 10 def /cc 4 def /philaag 20 def /cosphi philaag 
cos def /sinphi philaag
	sin def /Mlaagx cosphi 1 sub aa mul 2 div def /Mlaagz sinphi aa mul 2 
div cc add def /nlaagx
	sinphi neg def /nlaagz cosphi def /radius 1 def /Ax Mlaagx def /Ay 
radius def /Az Mlaagz def
	/Bx Mlaagx radius cosphi mul add def /By 0 def /Bz Mlaagz radius sinphi 
mul add def /Cx Mlaagx
	def /Cy radius neg def /Cz Mlaagz def}
\psset{viewpoint=100 30 20,Decran=200}
	incolor=yellow](0,0,cc 2 div)
	args={ Mlaagx 0 Mlaagz [sinphi 0 cosphi neg]},
	base=aa neg 2 div aa 2 div bb neg 2 div bb 2 div,showbase,
\psProjection[object=point,args=Ax Ay,name=A]
\psProjection[object=point,args=Bx By,name=B]
\psProjection[object=point,args=Cx Cy,name=C]
\psProjection[object=cercle,definition=ABcercle,args=A B C,range=0 360]

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