[pstricks] recent pstricks update and pst-jtree and pst-asr

Herbert Voss Herbert.Voss at fu-berlin.de
Thu Dec 13 13:20:04 CET 2018

Am 13.12.18 um 08:44 schrieb Norberto Moreno Quibén:

> The most recent update of pstricks seems to have broken pst-jtree and 
> pst-asr. The problem is illustrated in the file reorder-broken.tex 
> compiled with the new version of pstricks and the file reorder-ok.tex 
> compiled with a version of pstricks as of November, 14. So if you are a 
> linguist and heavily rely on pst-jtree for you syntactic papers or 
> presentations or on pst-asr for your auto-segmental representations, I 
> would recommend not to update to the most recent version of pstricks 
> until the problem is fixed.

I just uploaded a new version which fixes the trailing space.


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