[pstricks] spurious space from \pstVerb{}

Herbert Voss Herbert.Voss at fu-berlin.de
Thu Aug 23 20:43:05 CEST 2018

Am 23.08.2018 um 17:21 schrieb Alexander Grahn:

> If used in a `pspicture' environment, \pstVerb{...} alters the
> width of the resulting box.
> A recent PSTricks update must have introduced this, as it does not happen
> with frozen TeXLive-2017.

I fixed it. It is on the way to CTAN.
It was a problem with showgrid, not \pstVerb. This also

> \sbox\myBox{%
>    \begin{pspicture}[showgrid=b](0,0)(10,10)


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