[pstricks] [pst-solides3D] define sommets from \psPoint

Herbert Voss Herbert.Voss at fu-berlin.de
Mon Apr 30 22:00:38 CEST 2018

Am 30.04.2018 um 11:41 schrieb Maxime Chupin:
> Is it possible to define sommets for un "object=new" from points 
> defined by \psPoint command ?
> I would like to draw a non regular tetrahedron, and label the edges.
> A very convenient way would be
> \psPoint(...){A}
> \psPoint(...){B}
> \psPoint(...){C}
> \psPoint(...){D}
> and
> \psSolid[object=new, sommets=
> (A) (B) (C) (D), ...
> Is there a way to do that?

No, that is not possible with the current code. The nodes are saved
with its 2D coordinates.

Howver, with a modification of the internal macros you can
save the points on PS level twith the 3d coordinates:

\def\psPoint at i(#1,#2,#3)#4{{% coordonnees cartesiennes
         %  \begin at SpecialObj
         \tx at optionssolides
         SolidesDict begin
         /#4 {#1 #2 #3} def
         3dto2d cm_1 exch cm_1 exch
         %  \end at SpecialObj

\psSolid[object=new, sommets= A B C D,num=all,show=all, action=draw]



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