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Herbert Voss Herbert.Voss at FU-Berlin.DE
Thu Feb 8 08:39:20 CET 2018

Am 08.02.18 um 04:35 schrieb Nitecki, Zbigniew H.:
> I have recently completed a book project in which I extensively used 
> figures in pstricks and in particular in pst-solides3D, gleefully 
> putting in lots of colors.   Now I am told by my publisher that they 
> want the book in monochrome (color adds way too much to the production 
> costs for a printed book).
> When I tried to put a monochrome option in my document style command 
> (\documentstyle[11pt,monochrome]{book}) pstricks just ignored it.
> Then the tech team at the publisher suggested modifications to my color 
> definitions (in a colormacros.sty file); with these, the plain pstricks 
> figures came out monochrome, but the  pst-solides3D still insists on 

Give a _complete_ example and, of corse, a _short_ one which shows
the behaviour. I cannot confirm your problem!




> some colors. This may be simply because the particular colors were not 
> covered in the redefinitions provided by the tech team.  But it would be 
> much more convenient if I could just call a monochrome type option for 
> pstricks in the preamble.  Is such a thing possible, and if so how do I 
> do it?
> I initially sent this question to the Tex on Mac OS X list;  Luis 
> Sequeira suggested this list; Herb Schulz gave me something he found in 
> the pstricks documentation;  I am not conversant with this kind of 
> definition but I copied it into my preamble and tried running it 
> (without the nocolor option in the documentstyle declaration);  the net 
> effect was that everything came out colored.
> I attach my “master” file with the full preamble, which then calls 
> individual chapters etc.  Herb’s suggested insert (commented out) is the 
> second “paragraph” of the file, and the various pstricks calls are the 
> third paragraph.  Toward the end of the seventh paragraph (starting with 
> \usepackage{historymacros}) has two uncommented attempts to call the 
> color-defining macro (colormacrosOld is my original macro file);
> the colormacros call at the end (not commented out) is to the file 
> modified according to my publisher’s tech staff suggestion.  I attach 
> that file as well.
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