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Poul Riis poul.riis at skolekom.dk
Thu Oct 5 09:12:39 CEST 2017

Compiling the example below with xetex everything is perfect but compiling
with latex and pdflatex I get a ghostscript error message:
MiKTeX GPL Ghostscript 9.19: Unrecoverable error, exit code 1

Poul Riis

Graphics with PSTricks <pstricks at tug.org> writes:
>The coordinates are saved in the PS array Points and can be
>used later if you put the array Points into the global dict
>and the number of points is n.
>The points are saved in the wrong order!
>\getCoor{8} will get the pair of x,y, counted from 1
>It can easily be extended to \getxCoor . In the below example I marked
>three points by a cross
>\def\psbar at ii{\addto at pscode{startGlobal false \tx at NArray endGlobal
>\psbar at iii}}
>\def\psbar at iii{%
>    newpath
>    n 1 sub {
>      /Yval exch def /Xval exch def
>      2 copy /YNext exch def Xval sub /DX exch def
>      Xval 0 moveto % Start Point
>      0 YNext rlineto % relative move
>      DX 0 rlineto
>      0 YNext neg rlineto
>      DX neg 0 rlineto
>    } repeat
>\let\UserCoor\tx at UserCoor
>\def\getCoor#1{Points n #1 sub 2 mul get Points n #1 sub 2 mul 1 add get
>\psset{xAxisLabel=Time (minutes),
>	yAxisLabel=Load  (W),xAxisLabelPos={c,-10},yAxisLabelPos={-5,c}}%
>\begin{psgraph}[axesstyle=frame,xticksize=0 110,yticksize=0
>          linewidth=0.1pt,plotstyle=bar,barwidth=0.4]{\data}
>\listplot[linecolor=Blue1, linewidth=2pt]{\data}
>\multido{\iA=0+2}{35}{\psdot(!Points \iA\space 2 getinterval aload pop
>\psdot[linecolor=red,dotstyle=x,dotscale=3](! \getCoor{3} )
>\psdot[linecolor=red,dotstyle=x,dotscale=3](! \getCoor{13} )
>\psdot[linecolor=red,dotstyle=x,dotscale=3](! \getCoor{30} )

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