[pstricks] yLabels={...} problem is psgraph

Patrice MEGRET Patrice.MEGRET at umons.ac.be
Sat Aug 26 16:22:31 CEST 2017

Dear Herbert,

No problem, I will use the clue.

I was nevertheless curious that it was working with version 1.75 of pst-plot.

By comparing the code, I think that the problem is on lines 2391 and 2436 of version 1.79:

      \multido{\nA=0+1,\rA=#3+\psk at Dx}{\numexpr#4-#3+1}{\uput{\psxlabelsep}[\pst at tempC]{\pst at xLabelsRot}(\rA,0){%

      \multido{\nA=0+1,\rA=#3+\psk at Dy}{\numexpr#4-#3+1}{\uput{\psylabelsep}[180]{\pst at yLabelsRot}(0,\rA){%

Because \numexpr does not work properly when #3 or #4 are not integer.

Best regards,

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