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Herbert Voss Herbert.Voss at FU-Berlin.DE
Mon Jul 3 17:21:26 CEST 2017

Poul Riis schrieb:
> Just one small comment: The option barwidth=0.4 seems not to be relevant
> here?
> And reminding on my more general question: How can I store the points from
> the data file in an array so that I can later refer to the (postscript)
> coordinates of point nr. i?

The coordinates are saved in the PS array Points and can be
used later if you put the array Points into the global dict
and the number of points is n.
The points are saved in the wrong order!

\getCoor{8} will get the pair of x,y, counted from 1
It can easily be extended to \getxCoor . In the below example I marked
three points by a cross



\def\psbar at ii{\addto at pscode{startGlobal false \tx at NArray endGlobal
\psbar at iii}}
\def\psbar at iii{%
    n 1 sub {
      /Yval exch def /Xval exch def
      2 copy /YNext exch def Xval sub /DX exch def
      Xval 0 moveto % Start Point
      0 YNext rlineto % relative move
      DX 0 rlineto
      0 YNext neg rlineto
      DX neg 0 rlineto
    } repeat
\let\UserCoor\tx at UserCoor
\def\getCoor#1{Points n #1 sub 2 mul get Points n #1 sub 2 mul 1 add get



\psset{xAxisLabel=Time (minutes),
	yAxisLabel=Load  (W),xAxisLabelPos={c,-10},yAxisLabelPos={-5,c}}%
\begin{psgraph}[axesstyle=frame,xticksize=0 110,yticksize=0
\listplot[linecolor=Blue1, linewidth=2pt]{\data}
\multido{\iA=0+2}{35}{\psdot(!Points \iA\space 2 getinterval aload pop
\psdot[linecolor=red,dotstyle=x,dotscale=3](! \getCoor{3} )
\psdot[linecolor=red,dotstyle=x,dotscale=3](! \getCoor{13} )
\psdot[linecolor=red,dotstyle=x,dotscale=3](! \getCoor{30} )

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