[pstricks] Major basic problem using Distiller for PS plots

Juergen Gilg gilg at acrotex.net
Tue Jun 20 22:05:29 CEST 2017

Dear PSTricks list,

is there anyone within the community who can test the following file 
with the workflow: LaTeX --> dvips --> Distiller --> PDF

There occurs a misplot of the graph of a quite simple function that I 
never had before.

Here a minimal example:

\psaxes{->}(0,0)(-6.5,-7.5)(6.5,8.5)[$x$,-90][$y$,180]% Achsen

Compiling it the above mentioned way---the graph alternates along the 
positive x-axis, which should not happen at all for that kind of function.

I am on the latest stand of TeXLive2017. Anyone out there, who can 
verify this misbehaviour?

Using ps2pdf---this misplotting doesn't occur.

Anyone out there in the community, who might know what the problem is about?

Any hints or fixes are very appreciated and heartly welcome. No idea at 
all, why this problem comes along these days ...

Thanks very much in advance,

Kind regards,


Jürgen Gilg
Austr. 59
70376 Stuttgart

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