[pstricks] Drawing Weather Maps/Reports (anything about weather?)

TeXnicer texnicer at web.de
Sun Mar 26 23:49:48 CEST 2017

Dear reader,

I keep looking for packages that introduce work with weather symbols and 
charts. I am currently working myself into maritime weather map making 
for onboard using. I was wondering not to find any packages dealing with 
this topic.
In my first approach I am working myself into „Anleitung zum Zeichnen 
von Bordwetterkarten nach Seewetterberichten“ [1] and found the 
graphical representation of a maritime version of „Stationsmeldung“ (air 
pressure, wind/gale force and direction, temperature).
I was lucky to learn, my first assumptions match the given graphic 

WX (weather report): "SE 5 (Beaufort), misty, 5 degree (Celsius), 1008 
hPa" would throw something like this:

WX: SE~5, misty, 5$^\circ$, 1008\,hPa\par
\rput[r](-1.3,0){$\mathsf{5}$} % Temperatur, ganze Grad Celsius
\rput[l](1.3,0){$\mathsf{1008}$} % Luftdruck, ganze hPa

- Is there any packages, pst-packages dealing with this kind of science? 
Weatherreport, Symbols, e.g.?
- If not, I like to write a package that helps setting those things.
*compass directions NE/SW -> rotation of that wind direction indicator.
*wind force (Beaufort 1...12) -> tail. long feather each 2 skalars 
(5mm), short for uneven (2.5mm), triangle for 10.

\windfeather[temperature=5,pressure=1008](0,0){SE}{5} % directionFROM: 
South-East; force: 5 (Beaufort), temperature (degree) Celsius, pressure hPa

Looking forward any leading help,
Carsten from Baltic Sea Coast

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