[pstricks] Problem with compiling beamer document containing pstricks code

Bruce Burlton bruceburlton at sympatico.ca
Wed Jan 4 19:51:16 CET 2017

I have been using pstricks and Miktex for many years, quite successfully.
Earlier today I was successfully compiling a slide presentation based on
beamer for my upcoming lecture.  The document is several years old, with
only a few recent modifications.  Before noon, I was able to compile
successfully using XeLaTeX.  Over the lunch hour I update MikTex, in two
steps, as indicated: first removing "old" packages and second installing the
new ones.  Now pstricks based "graphics" are no longer render properly:
lines, circles and other pstricks based constructs are missing, while text
is shown.  

There is an error message in the log, namely


Xdvipdfmx: warning: image format conversion for Pstricks failed

Xdvipdfmx: interpreting special command pst:  (ps:) failed


These lines are repeated several times through the log, presumable once per
"pstricks" diagram


Not sure if the is a PSTRICKS or N=Miktex problem


Thanks for any assistance


Bruce Burlton, FCAE

Adjunct Professor

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Carleton University


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