[pstricks] private dvips config.* files location

Herbert Voss Herbert.Voss at FU-Berlin.DE
Mon Dec 14 13:01:26 CET 2015

Am 14.12.2015 um 12:46 schrieb Alexander Grahn:

> if XeTeX detects PostScript content (PSTricks, included external PS
> graphics) it seems to invoke the tex -> dvips -Ppdf -> ps2pdf toolchain
> to produce intermediate PDF it can cope with. Thus, it uses the
> settings stored in the config.pdf configuration file of dvips.

it uses xdvipdfmx and not dvips. The config files are xetex.def and
xdvipdfmx.cfg which is linked to pstricks.con


> Where should I place a modified version with custom settings of it
> which has precedence over the system wide file? Putting it in the PWD
> has no effect.

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