[pstricks] PSTricks on the linux distrib Fedora 22 (Jacques RUBIN)

Luis Sequeira lfsequeira at gmail.com
Mon Oct 5 16:07:10 CEST 2015

Sorry, but I can’t help asking: “is this a trick question?”

The log file does NOT correspond to the command and output you showed in the first part of your message.

The first typeset, where you used a command such as 

   latex psplot1.tex

completed *successfuly*, as you may note by these lines:

>    Output written on psplot1.dvi (1 page, 18928 bytes).
>    Transcript written on psplot1.log.

There were no errors, and a .dvi file was created.
Typically, you shoud proceed to run dvips and then ps2pdf to get a pdf output from your run. 
So the file DOES COMPILE successful.

ON THE OTHER HAND, the log file you quoted after that is from a *** pdflatex *** run, which is what you would get by typing something like

   pdflatex psplot1.tex

and that would naturally cause these errors, because pstricks does NOT work wit pdflatex (well, at least not without some additional tricks, in the form of a package such as auto-pst-pdf).

Bottom line, you need to learn the difference between running latex in dvi mode (“latex”) vs running it in pdf mode (“pdflatex”).

(This may seem strange to people unaccustomed to these Unix idiosyncrasies, but the fact is that nowadays latex/tex/pdftex/pdflatex are one and the same program; the program, however, behaves differently depending on the name you use to call it: you type ‘latex’ and it runs in "dvi mode", you type pdflatex and it runs in "pdf mode”)

Luis Sequeira

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