[pstricks] precode and postcode

Poul Riis poul.riis at skolekom.dk
Sat Sep 19 17:32:34 CEST 2015

I cannot make the example below work  (copy-pasted from pst-news15). I get
a ghostscript error, exit code 1.
Can someone post a full, working example with the new keywords precode and
postcode included?

Poul Riis

\psset{viewpoint=40 35 10 rtp2xyz,Decran=40,lightsrc=viewpoint,unit=0.5}
{4 t cos mul 2 sub rZ cos mul 4 t sin mul rZ sin mul add} %
{4 t cos mul 2 sub rZ sin mul neg 4 t sin mul rZ cos mul add}%
{4 t sin mul}%
	precode=/rZ \iA\space def,
	r=0,range=0 360,resolution=360,function=cercle1]}

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