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Nitecki, Zbigniew H. Zbigniew.Nitecki at tufts.edu
Fri Jun 5 00:55:30 CEST 2015

I am trying to create a shaded picture of the part of the surface z=x^2+y^2 in a portion of the first octant.
I have a few different questions:
1. Main Question:
While I like pst-solides3d, I am trying to do this within pstThreeD, in part because I don't see how to incorporate all the parameters needed for a SolidObject.
On p. 388 of Herbert Voss's "Graphics and Postscript for TeX and LaTeX" there is a picture that looks qualitatively like what I would want. In order to try to understand how this works,  I have tried to copy (with obvious minor changes) the code he gives for that picture.  Here is what I wrote:

\def\funct{x dup mul y dup mul add}

\psset{Beta=20, Alpha=20, subticks=7}
\pstThreeDCoor[xMin=0, yMin=0, zMin=0, xMax=1, yMax=1, zMax=1, linewidth=1pt, linecolor=black]
\pstThreeDPlaneGrid [planeGrid=yz,planeGridOffset=0](0,0)(1,1)

% \pscustom[fillstyle=gradient, plotstyle=curve]{
% \psplotThreeD[xPlotpoints=200,yPlotpoints=1, drawStyle=xlines](0,1)(0,0){\funct}
% \psplotThreeD[xPlotpoints=1,yPlotpoints=200, drawStyle=ylines](1,1)(0,1){\funct}
% \psplotThreeD[xPlotpoints=200,yPlotpoints=1, drawStyle=xlines](1,0)(1,1){\funct}
% \psplotThreeD[xPlotpoints=1,yPlotpoints=200, drawStyle=ylines](0,0)(1,0){\funct}
% }

The significance of the commenting out is this: with all of the commenting out in place (i.e., commented out), I get the expected: the three coordinate planes showing a grid.  When they are uncommented (which of course is the whole point) I get the error message
"Bad draw style:  \@pstrickserr…immediate help.}\errmessage{#1}\endgroup"
(I've left out liinebreaks)
My preamble calls the following pstricks packages:
\usepackage{pst-plot, pst-math}
\usepackage{pst-3dplot, pst-func}

Am I missing something that I should have called?  Are the drawStyles xlines and ylines
obsolete?  Any idea what is wrong?

Once I figure this out, my SECOND QUESTION is probably answered somewhere, but I can't find it.  I want to put this "3d"
figure inside a larger pspicture.  Is there a way for me to set it up, then create the whole thing as an object which I can
place (e.g., \rput) in my larger pspicture?  I guess my main concern is how to get the (local) coordinates
(internal to the drawing of the object) protected from the global coordinates of the pspicture.

Any help would be appreciated.

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