[pstricks] pdfpages and pstricks

Poul Riis Poul.Riis at skolekom.dk
Sun Feb 1 18:18:46 CET 2015

I get the following errors (MikTeX 2.9, windows8):

Package xkeyval Error: 'page' undefined in families 'Gin'....
Cannot determine size of graphic in ....
Overfull \hbox in paragraph

Poul Riis

Graphics with PSTricks <pstricks at tug.org> writes:
>run this document with xelatex and use \includegraphics instead
>of \includepdf. It knows the optional argument page=nn
>\psaxes[ticksize=0 -3pt,arrows=->](0,0)(-4.05,0)(4.05,5)

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