[pstricks] Problem with Beamer and Pstricks

Herbert Voss Herbert.Voss at FU-Berlin.DE
Mon Jan 12 20:26:56 CET 2015

Am 11.01.2015 um 23:43 schrieb Bruce Burlton:
> I have been using Beamer and Pstricks for several years quite
> successfully, and then stopped for a while (did not need any new
> material)  Recently I started again, and cannot get the attached example
> to compile.  The LaTex and dvi2ps seem to work, although Yap reports an
> error in opening the .dvi file.  Ps2pdf produces a stack error
> I have tried as many variations as I could think of.  The only way that
> “things” work at all” is to remove the beamer portions and use the
> article class.  There seems to be a problem between beamer and pstricks
> “that was not there before”

There is a problem with the latest update of tikz which is
loaded by default bx beamer. Run this document with xelatex
instead of pdflatex and it should work:


% AERO 4907B (Satellite Design Project.  2014 - 2015 academic year - 
Thrusting Discussion
%  package declarations
\usecolortheme{beaver}%                        for presentation
\useoutertheme{infolines}%                     put back for final compile

\def\psSatPair{\pst at object{psSatPair}}
\def\psSatPair at i{%
   \begin at ClosedObj%
  \end at ClosedObj%
\begin{frame}{First Mode}
       % \psgrid[subgriddiv=1,griddots=10,gridlabels=7pt]%


pst-pdf is not needed with xelatex.


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