[pstricks] powerdot and pst-optexp

Luis Sequeira lfsequeira at gmail.com
Fri Nov 28 17:48:07 CET 2014

> Anyway, the behavior is strange because if I use pst-optexp in a 
> document and not in powerdot and if I comment out (\iffalse - \fi) one 
> pst-optexp picture, I get no trouble. (see code below that works as expected).
> The trouble seems to come from interaction between powerdot and 
> pst-optexp.

As I posted also in the powerdot list, the solution is to use 
method=file or method=direct in the optional arguments of the affected slides.
The latter is in principle faster, but you need the former version if your slide contains more than one “overlay”. This is described in the powerdot manual.

Just modify the code of the third slide to look like this:


On the other hand, the modification of the text color is something that to my mind is a bug in pst-optexp.

Herbert did explain that the package redefines \endpspicture. Maybe this is justified, but regrettably it forces one to use the TeX primitives directly rather than the more elegant LaTeX environment, which by all indications is supposed to be functionally  equivalent, but, as you found out accidentally, is not.  

Another possible workaround is to add the command \color{pdcolor1} after the \end{pspicture} to restore the default text color - but I think this should not be needed if pst-optexp worked correctly. 

NB - I am extremely grateful to Herbert, and anyone who uses pstricks must be. It just seems a rather trivial bug that should be easy to fix (but maybe not).

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