[pstricks] Problem with hyperref links in dvips workflow

Randy Yates yates at digitalsignallabs.com
Fri Nov 7 03:28:02 CET 2014

This isn't a pstricks question per se, but it is precipitated by my
desire to use some pstricks macros so I hope someone here can support

When I use the latex/dvips workflow,

$(TEXFILE).pdf : $(TEXFILE).dvi
	dvipdf $(TEXFILE).dvi

none of my hyperlinks work (generated by hyperref). Even the ones to
other parts of my document (e.g., to bibliography entrys from the text,
or to sections from the table of contents) do not work.

However, if I use dvipdfm $(TEXFILE).dvi, it works fine.

Any ideas on how I can get hyperlinks to work?
Randy Yates
Digital Signal Labs

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