[pstricks] Using variable options in pst-func

Emili Garcí­a Ladona emilio at icm.csic.es
Mon Sep 1 11:37:51 CEST 2014

  I'm not so experimented in pstricks. I have preparing some teaching 
material and trying to build graphs from some
distribution functions using pst-func. The idea is to represent a 
function for different parameters for example

In this case I have proposed the following code who draws 4 curves of 4 
different "linecolor" depending of "nue" values.

The code I tried was (except details on axis options draw four curves 
with four legends)


      \rput(2.2,\rp){k = \parametro(\ir)}


This code gives many errors related with the way I pass options to 
\psTDist. After reading many manuals and similar questions I circumvented
the problem as


      \rput(2.2,\rp){k = \parametro(\ir)}

So my question is why the first code does not work. Is there a compact 
an/or systematic way to get variable [options] in pstricks commands from 
arrays, something like [linecolor=\myarray(\i)], I have only see some 
cases where colors are defined according to \multido indexes but in my 
case color are simple named colors and
what about other numerical parameters as [nue=\parametro(\i)]

Thanks in advanced for comments or help


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