[pstricks] Collaboration for style and colors in new pst-exa pack

Pablo González pablgonz at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 1 04:04:15 CEST 2014

Hello friends pstricks community, I would ask for some collaboration to complete a project package for examples (pst-exa), originally there was one written by Herbert Voss pst2pdf to be used with the not work with pdftex. 

The next version of pst2pdf (0.16) has support for such environments using this package, one must ask permission to Herbert to use the same name. 

I mean, the package "encapsulates" the environment "PSTexample" based on "showexpl" and "tcolorbox" using "ifpdf" package, packages basically supports only two options "[swpl]" and "[tcb]", the option "swpl" takes the same arguments as "LTXexample" from package "showexpl" with the exception of coloring "\" , the option "tcb" uses the same arguments as "tcblisting" from package "tcolorbox" with some added options, 

Collaboration need for a nice stylish colors (listings), yet I have defined the style "pstexample" but I'm not very good at creating packages (perl is more my style). 

Comments and color styles are appreciated.

PD:use latex>dvips>ps2pdf
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