[pstricks] \n*put in \psRelLine and \psParallelLine of pstrick-add

Patrice MÉGRET Patrice.MEGRET at umons.ac.be
Fri Jul 18 10:51:42 CEST 2014

Dear Herbert,

Would it be possible to change slightly the code of \psRelLine and \psParallelLine of pstricks-add to be able to use \n*put stuff as in \psVector?

By looking at your code, it seems that replacing the lines

Line 1192 \psline(#1)(#4)%
Line  1225  \psline(#3)(#5)

By \pcline()() or \ncline[nodesep=0]()()  (I don't see the difference)

is sufficient.

In that way, we could use something like:

\psParallelLine[linewidth=1.5pt,arrows=->](0,0)(I1)(U1){-0.3}{NUa}\nbput{\tiny $-R_2 I_2$}

Instead of:

\pcline[linestyle=none](U1)(NUa)\nbput{\tiny $-R_2 I_2$}

Best regards,

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