[pstricks] showgrid with a0poster

Herbert Voss Herbert.Voss at FU-Berlin.DE
Mon Jul 7 20:53:22 CEST 2014

Am 07.07.2014 19:26, schrieb maja zaloznik:

> I want the whole poster to be one big \pspicture, and what seems to be
> happening is that while i have [showgrid=true], the orientation is
> normal - ie the way I expect - but when I turn off showgrid, it rotates
> 180 degrees. 
> Below is a minimal example and the two outputs. 
> Furthermore, this only happens when I specify a poster size in the
> options e.g. [a1]. If I use the defaults, it works as expected. 
> I'm compiling with latex, dvips, ps2pdf. On a Windows machine. Is it
> just me? I'll try on ubuntu when I get home.. 
> Any ideas will be very much appreciated!

That is only a problem with the rotation which is done by Ghostscript.
Put any kind of text into the paper and everything is fine:

\begin{pspicture}[showgrid=false](0,0)(\textwidth, \textheight)
\pscircle[fillcolor=red, linecolor=red, fillstyle=solid](5,5){5}


However, current version of PSTricks is 2.54a (TeXLive 2014 and
MiKTeX 2.9


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