[pstricks] error in pst-circ with pst-optexp

Christoph Bersch usenet at bersch.net
Mon Jun 23 23:07:54 CEST 2014

Zitat von Christoph Bersch <usenet at bersch.net>:
> What could really help here would be a command like  
> `\psset*[pst-circ]{labelangle}` which would first try to set the  
> option in the family `pst-circ`, and only if it doesn't succeed set  
> the option in all families. However, I don't know if this could be  
> implemented in pst-xkey.

I have seen, that xkeyval actually provides such a command \setrmkeys.  
Currently, \psset calls \setkeys+, i.e. sets the options in all  
currently defined families.

So my suggestion would be that \psset*[pst-circ]{...} Would call first  
call \setkeys*[psset]{pst-circ}{...} and then  
\setrmkeys+[psset]{\pst at famlist}. This could then be used for the  
processing of all options given to pst-circ components or pst-optexp  
components without clashes.

My LaTeX skill aren't good enough to provide a concrete implementation  
of this \psset* command.

Herbert, what do you think about this approach?


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