[pstricks] A little help deciphering code and a question

Scott, Randy Scott_Randy at sccollege.edu
Tue May 6 17:24:40 CEST 2014

Thanks for everything!

Randy Scott
Dept. Chair, Mathematics
Santiago Canyon College

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Am 05.05.2014 19:34, schrieb Scott, Randy:

> And finally realized that \pscustom was finishing the horizontal line
at (2,2), then jumping down to (0,2) to begin the parabola.
> When I changed this to
> \definecolor{SuperLightBlue}{cmyk}{0.2,0,0,0}
> 	\pscustom[fillstyle=solid,fillcolor=SuperLightBlue,
>       linestyle=none]
>     {
>       \psplot{0}{2}{2}
>       \psplot{2}{0}{0.25*x^2+1}
>     }
> so the parabola is being drawn from (2,2) to (0,2), everything worked

Use \lineto or \moveto for lines (\closepath draws a strait line to the
beginning of the path):


     \psplot[algebraic]{2}{0}{0.25*x^2+1}% x=2...0

     \psplot[algebraic]{0}{2}{0.25*x^2+1}% x=0...2



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