[pstricks] A little help deciphering code and a question

Scott, Randy Scott_Randy at sccollege.edu
Fri May 2 17:40:04 CEST 2014

Good Morning from Southern California,

Thanks for your suggestion Herbert. I've been playing with this code quite a bit and have another question. (I'll get more familiar with the new psxTicks and psyTicks when I have more time.)

In the output for the following code, the blue fill appears to the left of the y-axis. I suspect this is because a Bezier curve is being generated as part of the boundary, but I haven't been able to figure out a fix. I tried liftpen=0 and 1 and 2 but that resulted in no output.

Any insight would be appreciated.

Randy Scott
Santiago Canyon College
Orange, CA

	\psset{xunit=2 ,yunit=0.6}
    \psaxes[labels=none, ticks=none, linewidth=0.25pt](0,0)(4.5,8.25)
		[\footnotesize $q$ \textsf{(quantity)}, 90]
		[\footnotesize $p$ \textsf{(price/unit)}, 90]
	\rput(1.3,6.25){\rnode{A}{\footnotesize \textsf{Producer Surplus}}}
	\nccurve[angleA=180, angleB=135]{->}{A}{B}
	\rput[r](-0.05,1){\footnotesize $p_0$}
	\rput[r](-0.05,2){\footnotesize $p*$}
	\rput[r](-0.05,8){\footnotesize $p_1$}
	\rput[t](2,-0.1){\footnotesize $q*$}
	\rput[t](4,-0.1){\footnotesize $q_1$}
	\rput(3.3,3){\footnotesize \textsf{Supply}}

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Scott, Randy schrieb:

> I am modifying a graph that I borrowed from a colleague. I hope some of
> you might be able to help me figure out the following questions I have.
> 1. What is the purpose of
> \makebox(0,0)[cc]{\footnotesize{$p_0$}}

that maeks no sense here. Also the \put commands. Use \rput instead:


\psaxes[labels=none, ticks=none](0,0)(4.75,8.25)[$q$
\textsf{(quantity)},90][$p$ \textsf{(price/unit)},90]



\psyTick(0.75){\scriptstyle p_0}
\psyTick(1.5){\scriptstyle p*}
\psyTick(6){\scriptstyle p_1}
\psxTick(4){\scriptstyle q*}
\psxTick(7.75){\scriptstyle q_1}



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