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cyrille piatecki cyrille.piatecki at univ-orleans.fr
Tue Apr 29 07:29:50 CEST 2014

Dear alls (more specificaly Herbert),

in pst-tools.tex there is --- to my demand --- the possibility to save 
the resul of an operation under VarName .

This is a little latex tex which borrowed to Basil Malychev wich shows 
that it is not clear how to use it.

\newcommand{\fcos}[1]{\psPrintValue [algebraic] {#1, cos(x)}}

\psPrintValue [algebraic, VarName=sincos] {#1, sin(cos(x))}}

\psPrintValue[algebraic]{#1, x^2}}

$\sin(2) =\, \fsin{2}$

$\cos(1) =\, \fcos{1}$

$2^2 =\, \fsquarre{2}$



The result then equal  \theresult


toto=\pstVerb{\sincos  10 string cvs 0 0 moveto show}

$toto^2$ = \psPrintValue[algebraic]{\pstVerb{sincos \showPSVal}, x^2}

Thanks for the answer

Cyrille Piatecki

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