[pstricks] ploting a distribution around a circle

Leon Free leon.free at free.fr
Thu Apr 10 11:05:49 CEST 2014

Le 09/04/2014 22:03, cyrille piatecki a écrit :
> Normaly a distribution like the normal one or any other is ploted along
> the line. But is there a way to do the same thing along a circle, that
> is  in connecting the two extremes
> Has some one the answer ?
> Thanks
> Cyrille Piatecki
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As far as I understand, you want make a 3D plot of (x(t),y(t),z(t))
where (x(t),y(t)) are coordinates on the unit circle and z(t) is the
value of some density on the real line

You may use the object=curve of pst-solides3d :


Of course you need to replace x(t),y(t),z(t) by some appropriate
functions of t. If you want (x(t),y(t)) to be on the unit circle, you
may use x(t)=cos(t) and y(t)=sin(t) and Min=0 and Max=2*pi. Then you
need to find a bijective g that maps [0,2*pi] onto the support A of your
density and define z(t) as zz(g(t)),

Here is a simple example where the density is the Kumaraswamy
distribution with parameter a=2 and b=5


\psSolid[object=grille,base=-2 2 -2

the bijective g is simply g(t)=t/2*pi


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