[pstricks] scaling data passed to the \psBoxplot macro

Herbert Voss Herbert.Voss at FU-Berlin.DE
Fri Feb 28 10:16:17 CET 2014

Am 28.02.2014 05:48, schrieb $naKe:

> when plotting data that lies in a very narrow range, I understand that
> it is better to rescale them using \pstScalePoints. However, this macro
> is only valid for the \listplot macro. Is there any similar way to deal
> with the \psBoxplot macro?

it is easier if you rescale the axes to 1x10. With \psset{yunit=0.5}
you'll get it at a height of 5cm.

You have a range from 0.993 to 0.994 which is the same as a
range from 0 to 10 if you do

0.993 sub 10000 mul  with each value

That can be pass to the macro via the optional argument postAction.
It needs the latest pstricks-add.tex from

I'll upload it in the next few days.

% the following is working fine
     \savedata{\data}[0.936 0.937 0.934 0.936 0.937 0.938 0.934 0.933
0.932 0.935]
     \savedata{\data}[0.9936 0.9937 0.9934 0.9936 0.9937 0.9938 0.9934
0.9933 0.9930 0.9935]
     \rput(.5,0){\psBoxplot[barwidth=.5\psxunit,postAction=0.993 sub 
10000 mul]{\data}}


it is easier not to use psgraph because you need only a simple axis.

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