[pstricks] tranparency with psdataplot, psfileplot and pslistplot

Herbert Voss Herbert.Voss at FU-Berlin.DE
Sun Feb 2 14:39:52 CET 2014

Am 02.02.2014 02:09, schrieb $naKe:

> I understand that this is a minor issue. More problematic is when I want
> a scatter plot, with
>           \psfileplot[plotstyle=dots,strokeopacity=.5]{file} ,
> then *transparency is not applied anymore to the data points*. Same issue
> with
>           \psfileplot[showpoints=true,strokeopacity=.5]{file} .
> Changing the dots (e.g. `dotstyle=o`) does not help.
> Any idea to get a scatter plot with transparent points, so that the
> areas with more point density get more color density ?

are you looking for something like this?


If not provide a _complete_ example including a small data set


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