[pstricks] A bug in saveNodeCoors

Donut E. Knot the.counterterrorist at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 27 09:26:58 CET 2014

Hi folks,

According to Christoph in his answer http://tex.stackexchange.com/a/156100/19356, there is a bug in saveNodeCoors that can be fixed as follows.

% the following is the definition from pst-node.tex v 1.30, with the mentioned changes
\def\pst at newnode#1#2#3#4{%
\pst at killglue
\pst at getnode{#1}\pst at thenode
\pst at Verb{
  \ifPst at saveNodeCoors
      0 0 
        tx at Dict begin 
          STV CP T
        #3 \tx at UserCoor
%  startGlobal
%  \tx at UserCoor
  /N-#1.y\space exch def
  /N-#1.x\space exch def
%  endGlobal
  \pst at nodedict
  \ifx\psk at name\relax false \else \psk at name true \fi
  \pst at thenode
  \tx at NewNode
\global\let\psk at name\relax%
\pstree at nodehook%
\global\let\pstree at nodehook\relax}



Hopefully the PSTricks maintainers consider this patch whether or not it should be implemented in the next update of pstricks.tex.

Thank you in advance.

Code Mocker
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